General Meeting January 14, 2003
Present:  Pam Langenbahn, Tom Cook, Eugene O'Neal, Jamey Smith,
Tony Austin, Marion O'Brien, Fred Frey, James House, Rose and Herman Baumann
Guest:  Zelda Trevino
The Club will be represented at Good Oil Days and conduct a membership drive.  Literature on Lionism and the Texas Lions Camp will be available for the public.  Pam will check on price of balloons with Lions logo.  Marion O?Brien will coordinate volunteers for the event.  Herman will check on availability of a helium tank. 
A BBQ will be planned for July 4th at the Kingwood Town Center.  We will not open until 2:00 PM.
We are invited to attend a District Function at the Humble High School, February  5, 2003 at 6:30 PM. for dessert and an auction.  They are accepting auction items.
Thomas Capers, The Lighthouse of Houston, will speak at the February 11 meeting.  The Governor's visit is scheduled for February 25. 
March 2003 marks Humble Noon Lions 20th Anniversary.  We plan to celebrate this the first meeting of the month, March 11.  We will contact those charter members still in the area and invite them to have lunch with us.
(Please note: The Governor's visit has been rescheduled.  He will attend the March 11th meeting.  We hope you will all come)  Jamey is checking the charter member list for availability of members.
Pam and Tom are still negotiating with Tour 18 regarding the cost to us for the Golf Tournament.
The meeting adjourned at 1:00 PM.